Danielle Kyberd


Without an image there will be no conversation, without a conversation there will be no education, and without education there will be no change.

I was born in England, with a camera in my hand and an avid curiosity, and spent my childhood and early teens exploring and photographing the natural world. In 2003 my family and I moved to America, and in 2012 I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Drexel University. While I was studying there, my love of photographing wildlife evolved into a passion for photographing people. Using an old Hasselblad film camera, I added another dimension to my art when I realized how prevalent drug addiction had become within my age group, and used my abilities as a photographer to highlight this devastating trend that's ruining so many lives. Through my camera, I was able to bring to light a controversial subject and really highlight this dangerous, and often ignored, epidemic which is sweeping our nation. My work was recognized when, upon graduating, I received the prestigious Dini Jones Award.

I then delved into another side of humanity which has always interested me; the LGBT community. Having many friends within this community, I watch in disbelief as they continue to struggle against prejudice and ignorance. My aim is to support the acceptance of gender choice, as well as highlight the irrelevance of gender roles. In 2014 I was honored to win a juried art competition at the LGBT William Way Center in Philadelphia.

My dream for my artwork is to change the way the world looks at controversial subjects, to provide a different perspective, and to challenge those who would rather turn a blind eye to the issues at hand.

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