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Fund Raising Projects

Reflections on the Holocaust

New Century Artists, Inc., is organizing a major art exhibition entitled Reflections on the Holocaust: Works by Holocaust Survivors, Family Members and Friends, which will be held in the gallery the month of April 2001. The exhibition will be comprised of a variety of media, including photography, painting, printmaking, sculpture, film and video. Artists from around the world will be participating, artists from various ethnic and religious backgrounds, artists who are Holocaust Survivors and their family members, as well as gallery members. Our plan is to present an uplifting show that will help educate, heal and bring people together around this painful subject.

Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 20th
To commemorate Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) April 20th, the gallery will host an evening of speakers, songs, poems, performers, prayers and a candlelight ceremony. A second evening will be presented featuring talks by participating artists who are Holocaust Survivors. A third evening is planned featuring Judith Goldstein, Holocaust Survivor, artist and composer who will perform in concert and project slides of her artwork. Our budget is $9,600, which includes producing a catalog of the artworks in the exhibition. We need your support now to make this unprecedented art exhibition on the Holocaust possible while Survivors are still among us.
Online school for artists from Fall 2000
In the Fall of 2000, New Century Artists,Inc. is launching an online school for artists and photographers. New Century Artists Cyberschool will offer classes in Web Design for Artists, Online Photography for Adults and Children, Hand Painting Black and White Photography, The Art of Curating, Basic and Advanced Computer Graphics, and Marketing and Promoting Artwork Online. All our instructors are highly experienced and will be trained in online teaching. We will be reaching out to artists worldwide. Our budget is $5,000. Please join us now in breaking ground in this exciting new venture.

Corporate Sponcership suggestions
Following are suggestions on how corporations can support our efforts:

1. $500 Corporate Sponsor
enable New Century Artists to develop new programs to meet the needs of gallery artists, as well as the general public
2. $250 Gallery Supporter
assist New Century Artists in meeting operational expenses
3. $100 Artist Supporter
provide an annual membership for an artist in financial need
4. $2,500
sponsor a two-week exhibition of your choice at the gallery
5. $5,000
sponsor a four-week exhibition of your choice at the gallery
6. Set up a matching gift program
7. Make a contribution
8. Support our educational programs for children and adults

Online Donation
If you wish to make an online donation by credit card to New Century Artists, Inc. you may do so by clicking the Online Donation link at the bottom of this page. This is a secure online donation service made possible through www.givetocharity.com. Donors can specify where they would like to allocate funds. Checks are also welcome and should be made payable to New Century Artists, Inc. Mail checks to New Century Artists, Inc., 530 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10001. We thank you in advance for your kind support. All donations are tax deductible as allowable by law.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call 212-367-7072 or send us an E-mail.

Not for profit. To support emerging artists.
There are over 500 contemporary art galleries in New York City, but only a handful exhibit the work of emerging and mid-career artists. New Century Artists, Inc. is a not-for-profit art group, which encourages, supports, and exhibits the work of minority artists from under-represented communities, such as gay and lesbian, various ethnic groups, people of color, differently abled, women, and artists of all ages including seniors and children.

Since its inception in September 1996, New Century Artists has shown the work of approximately 300 national and international artists, in over 50 solo and group exhibitions, in all media. New Century Artists is committed to exhibiting quality work, as well as providing a nurturing environment for lesser known artists to network and develop their ideas.

Our Gallery
New Century Artists, located in the heart of Chelsea, is comprised of two gallery spaces, totaling 1,300 square feet. Gallery artists pay a $300 annual membership fee, which entitles them to exhibit at least once a year. Besides membership shows, guest curators are invited to organize exhibits. New Century Artists has numerous exciting ideas for exhibitions in the new millennium.

We are actively working with not-for-profit groups such as The Creative Center for Women with Cancer, and childrens' groups including the Harlem School for the Arts and Studio in a School. These groups and others like them are seeking your support in sponsoring exhibitions. Sponsors of exhibitions will be listed on all gallery publicity pertaining to the exhibition of your choice.

Future Plans
Our future plans involve setting up collaborations with existing art groups in public schools, and providing art and photography classes to adults and children.

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